Slip Disc Treatment in Noida & Delhi -Slip Disc and Sciatica

It is a common misconception that sciatica is caused by a problem of the sciatic nerve. Actually, sciatic pain is caused by a slip disc in the lower back resulting in compression of one of the nerves going into the legs from the back. Consult with Dr. Saurabh Rawall for slip disc treatment in Noida & Delhi.

Slip Disc Treatment in Noida & Delhi

This usually results in severe pain, tingling, and numbness along with the distribution of one nerve in one leg. Some of these patients may also develop weakness of a few muscles in the leg. These patients may develop a compensatory tilting of the spine to one side (LIST) due to muscle spasm.

Most cases of slip disc are self-limiting and tend to get better in 3 – 6 weeks even without any specific treatment. A short period of bed rest of 3 days, pain-relieving medications and gradual return to activity is all that is required for the treatment of most cases.  Physiotherapy may help in cutting short the recovery time.

Transforaminal epidural steroid injections or selective nerve root blocks may be used for pain relief in patients that do not improve within 3-6 weeks. During this procedure, medicine to numb the nerve and to reduce the inflammation is administered right around the nerve under X-ray guidance. Because very small quantities of steroid are used, there are no systemic side effects. This procedure is done in the Operation Theatre but the patient is able to walk out of the hospital within a few hours of the procedure.

Our aim in these cases is to give our patients symptomatic relief so that they can tide over the acute phase (as most cases of slip disc are anyways self limiting and will get better with time). Following a nerve block, we advice them to gradually increase their activity levels. Overall, this is an inexpensive and very effective procedure in an appropriately selected patient.

Sometimes, a Micro Disc surgery using tubes and microscope is required for a small group of patients. This group includes patients who continue to have pain > 6 weeks, patients where nerve blocks have failed, patients with progressive weakness of the legs and patients with severe weakness of leg muscles eg. foot drop.

Occasionally, some patients develop numbness in the perianal area along with alteration of control of urine and motion. This is an urgent condition called as CaudaEquina Syndrome. These patients need urgent surgery and the sooner this surgery is done, better are their chances of regaining their urine and motion control.

What to expect from a Micro Disc Surgery?

The incision size is about 2-3 cm. We generally don’t use any external stitches with this type of surgery. The typical hospital stay for a Micro Disc surgery is 1-2 days. Occasionally, this surgery can be done as a day case in a young and fit patient. You can expect to walk the same evening after surgery. You will be pretty much independent by the time of discharge. You can expect to join back work at 2-4 weeks. The success rate for a Micro Disc surgery is in the high nineties with a very small complication rate of 1-2 percent.

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