Amit Aggarwal

East Delhi

I am writing this testimonial for expressing my sincere thanks for efforts made by DrSaurabhRawall.

My mother fell down on floor while going to wash room in the mid of September… We were thinking that it must be a small injury but when we rushed to nearby hospital, then after examination Dr there said that it’s a L1 spine fracture. Dr there treated my mother conservatively and they gave a plaster and after that they discharged my mother saying that it will take minimum 6 month to heel the fracture and he said that my mother will be on bad during this period and can’t move at all. We came back at our home and we realised that problem is increasing and Dr thereby had just experimented on my mother bcoz a plaster is never applied on whole body.
I just contacted DrSaurabhRawall… I took an appointment and he said a small surgery will be done and your mother will be well in one day
And believe me he did what he said and my mother just started walk within one day. Now my mother is completely fine and she can walk and do her all work.
DrSaurabhRawall is more than a doctor. He treated my mother like his own mother. He doesn’t have any attitude problem or ego problem which doctors normally have. He came into our life like an angel. He was so polite and helpful during this period. I must say that DrSaurabh is an exception and I have never met a doctor like him. May God always bless him.

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